30th Kitchener Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts


Scouts Canada offers a popcorn fundraiser to Scouting groups all over Canada. This fundraiser runs through September and October with the product arriving in November. Each child is given an order form, a money envelope and some flyers to show selling incentives. They are encouraged to sell to their friends and family, and if they do choose to go door to door we stress that this should not be done by themselves. This popcorn can make a nice gift or a great snack! Fill in the order sheet, collect the money and return it all back in to your leaders. Personal cheques should be made out to 30th Kitchener Scouts Canada.  Fund-raisers are important to the group to help cover costs of camps, crafts and other activities, though you are not required to participate we hope that you will so that all the kids can are benefited.

                                                Thank you

                                                Sandra Wilson

                                                Popcorn Coordinator





Sale Sheet